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ProKennex Nano HC2 9000 Badminton Racket ProKennex Nano F1 Badminton Racket
List Price: $140.00
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ProKennex Nano HC2 9000 Badminton Racket (2009 model) ProKennex Nano F1 Badminton Racket
An advanced level badminton racquet with a solid blend of power, control, maneuverability and excellent comfort. It is extremely stiff, making it the power player's delight. Pro Kennex's Nano F1 model is a major “overhaul” of the traditional shape design of Badminton rackets. Infused and developed by our proprietary “Force Flow Technology,” also known as FFT, this combines (a) a gentle curved flow flow shape which allows linear forces to translate into the racket head with reasonably improved efficiency, and (b) a bridge between each frame side to minimize all lateral- and torsional forces which would reduce the racket stability during place.

The innovative “Y” joint shape connecting the shaft and head of the racket proves significant improvements in:

Efficient translation of hitting force from grip → shaft → into the racket head.
Overall improved longitudinal stiffness of the entire racket.
Overall improved lateral stability.
Significantly improved torque stability on off-center hits.
Generally improved feel of the racket during play.
Such unique structure allows a truly “straight” flow of forces between grip, shaft, and racket head. In this case, an optimized structure acceleration of forces could also be distributed evenly. Most importantly, reaction time, spring response, and controllable precision of the racket are diminished. As suggested in its name, the Nano F1 guarantees speed and maneuverability at the very competitive level.