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Badminton Warehouse is committed to providing you with the lowest priced badminton equipment and gear on the web. Our diverse badminton product line caters to beginners, intermediate and advanced level badminton players. We stock badminton rackets, shoes, bags and accessories to help you get the most out of your game.

Not sure which badminton racquet to buy.  It can be overwhelming given the number of options but Badminton Warehouse has created a badminton racket selection guide to help you identify the racket most suitable to your playing style and budget. We have the latest badminton rackets for sale from all the top badminton manufacturers: Yonex, Karakal, Apacs, ProKennex, Victor, Carlton, Qiangli and more. Some of the top racquets in our line up include the Voltric Glanz, Voltric Force LD, Duora 7, Duora 10 Yonex Z-Force II and Nanoray ZSpeed. 

Our selection of badminton birdies were carefully chosen based on reviews by experts and advice from players at badminton clubs all over the US. The expert team at Badminton Warehouse are players, coaches and students of the sport of badminton who understand the needs of badminton aficionados around the country. We are dedicated to promoting the sport of badminton and offer educational discounts to high school physical education badminton programs. Badminton Warehouse is an authorized distributor of all the products for sale on this site. Contact us at if you have any questions. We love hearing from customers who shop our online badminton store.



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