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Working on the success of the Aerus MX, Yonex has introduced the Aerus 2 MX , an equally light (only 270 gms) and even better badminton shoe for on-court performance and comfort.

Yonex redefines the standard of on-court performance and comfort with its new badminton shoe: AERUS 2. Its light weight combined with superior ventilation and solid fit makes it perfect for the quick and complex movements unique to badminton.

Ultra-lightweight. Superior ventilation. Solid fit. Experience the next level of performance and comfort with the AERUS 2.


  • Upper: Uses P.U. leather mixed with a polyester mesh and durable Skin Light material.  This provides rubber-like flexilbilty mixed with stiffness of hard plastic giving it a robust feel.
  • Midsole: Hyper nsLite, a graphite sheet,  alongwith the Power Cushion technology offers exceptional cushioning, shock absorption and energy return with each step. 
  • Outsole: An elastic rubber sole gives tremendous grip and aids lightning quick movements on the court.  
  • Color: Navy Blue/Green

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  • First Impressions
    The Yonex Aerus 2 MX badminton shoes offers superior performance to players with narrow feet . The attractive looking Aerus 2 line sports an elastic rubber sole for agile and stable footwork, a supportive cushioning, and soft heel collars. Overall the Aerus 2 MX badminton shoe offers lasting durability and great traction. Our testers were impressed with balance between speed and stability. The team agreed that this shoe is an excellent, lightweight performance shoe. The Yonex Aerus 2 line is for players looking for a narrow fit, performance shoe.
    Comfort : Score – 8.0
    Overall our team found the Yonex Aerus 2 MX comfortable. Three of our experts who tested the shoe loved the snug feel of the shoe. The moderate underfoot cushioning was appreciated by experts who do not like the bulky feel of a heavily cushioned shoe. The ankle collars are nice and soft and provide excellent comfort. These did not need a break-in.
    Support & Stability: Score – 8.5
    Our team by and large appreciated the support and stability quotient of the Yonex Aerus 2 MX badminton court shoe. Because the shoes are snug they provide good stability when moving forward or back on the badminton court. Overall the Yonex Aerus 2 MX badminton shoes feel secure when it comes to support and stability.
    Sole Durability: Score – 7.5
    The Yonex Aerus 2 MX did see some wear and tear during our rigorous testing. That is normal for performance shoes which are meant to aid quick moves on the cout. The toe guards and sole tread are in excellent condition. The endurance rubber helps enhance the durability. Considering that the Aerus 2 MX is a light shoe our team thinks that this sole will have average durability.
    Traction: Score – 8.0
    The Yonex Aerus 2 MX badminton shoe scored above average on the traction quotient. It offers substantial grip to to the court. While some of our team members liked the extra traction, some were hoping for more give when transitioning into and out of shots. The unique feature of the Aerus 2 sole is that it is light without compromising on traction or stability. Our team members felt that this badminton shoe offers the right amount of grab and give while executing attacking or defensive shots.
    Weight: Score – 9.0
    The Yonex Aerus 2 MX is a light badminton shoe. Our team concluded that these shoes fall in the lightweight category and they feel nice and light on the feet, making it easy to move without compromising too much on the comfort. During our test the Aerus 2 MX played true to their weight and allowed for quick movements.
    Overall Performance: Score – 8.2
    Overall, our team thinks the Yonex Aerus 2 MX is a great option for the club player who is looking for performance without compromising on comfort, The Skin Light upper provides lightweight support and a step-in soft feel around your feet. The Hyper nsLite + midsole helps offers exceptional cushioning, shock absorption and responsive feel with each step. Once laced up, you will feel snug and confident with the Durable Skin technology, and the Agility Bolt technology promises stability when moving aggressively. The durable rubber outsole offers a good amount of traction as well.
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