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Karakal Badminton Rackets

As the brand name suggests, Karakal is best known for some of the lightest, lightning quick, and powerful badminton rackets in the world. Ultra light weight High-modulus graphite racquets from Karakal of Belgium - The Karakal brand originated in Belgium in 1978. Karakal has been at the forefront of using innovative fusion materials for improving the performance of racquets. They used a magnesium compound to increase racket strength. Karakal makes some of the most durable badminton rackets in the world. Karakal badminton racquets are very popular among badminton players looking to add speed and power to their game.

The Karakal BN60 is one of the lightest badminton racquets in the world! Also checkout the Karakal BN65, S70FF and the Karakal Tour Gel.

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