Apacs Lethal 85 II Badminton Racket

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The Apacs Lethal 85 Badminton Racquet has a hollow shaft with a newly designed T-Joint from Apacs. In it's torsion test, it was twisted up to 4 degrees. The racket's stable frame allows for a max tension of 36lbs. Factory strung with the Apacs Lethal 66 string at 25lbs.

This badminton racquet does not come with a cover.


  • Frame Material: 40T Japan High Modulus Graphite + CNT+ Chrome & Braided Graphite
  • Shaft Material: 30T Japan High Modulus Graphite + CNT+ Chrome & Braided Graphite 
  • Flex: Medium
  • Shaft Diameter.: 7.6 mm
  • Weight: 3U (86-89g) G2
  • Length: 675mm
  • Max Tension: 36 lbs
  • Balance: 290 3mm (Even)
  • String: Custom Strung with high quality APACS string.
  • Manufactured; Malaysia
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  • Summary

    Think about a Badminton racket which gives comfort and flexibility, that has energy, power and Pro-Net spin features embedded. Keep the thinking at bay! The Apacs Lethal 85 II Badminton racket is going to impress the badminton players in elevating their play in their respective styles of the game. A two month play test was conducted and the team was eager to give the first report and the sense of the racket. The testers were enthusiastic at stability and control it provides in the defensive lifts upon sharp drops of the opponent.
    They had blow when the stiff shaft added to swift snap action resulting in lifts deep into the opponent's back court.our team has a lot to share with you regarding Apacs Lethal 85 II Badminton racket. Had you have opted for a demo, we are sure it would be one of the distinctive rackets in your collection of this revived year.

    Overall 8.5

    Smash 8.2
    Defensive Lifts 8.0
    Drives 8.2
    Clear 8.4
    Net kill 8.5
    Drop 8.5
    Power 8.9
    Control 7.9
    maneuverability 8.5
    Stability 8.4
    Comfort 8.9
    Touch/Feel 7.7
    Pro-Net Spin 8.5
    Balance 7.9


    Across the test team, the testers said that the Apacs Lethal 85 II Badminton racket was a delight while smashing. Smashing was one of the parameters which was enjoyed the most by our testers. Lieu Chang employed his unique game style on shuttling. He said "Against the defensive lifts, when I shuttle with thumping power the feel was ecstatic when the birdie was off the string bed. Maneuverability was at its peak with Apacs Lethal 85 II Badminton racket."

    Tennis racket
    Tennis racket

    Defensive Lifts:(8/10)

    "There need less of planning to return with Apacs Lethal 85 II Badminton racket." said Wang Shixian. "I suddenly felt an interesting angle unlocking while lifting the smash of the opponent. The access to that angle was a win in unleashing self. When I am not putting full of my potential, surely was a delight to take the best of the birdie repeatedly. While trying to return the net kills I found the Apacs Lethal 85 II Badminton racket to be consistently stable. Honestly speaking, the birdie most of the times would hit me which is expected anyways. However it's more of fun." added Chen Jin Cai Yun was feeling as if he was on cloud nine when trying to lift the smash shots or net kills. He said " when I take defensive lifts with Apacs Lethal 85 II Badminton racket ,the words of Wang Shixian strikes me. Wang Shixian says when a right racket is at your rescue, it will make her like slapping the legends of Badminton. I now realize what Wang Shixian mean, holding in hand the Apacs Lethal 85 II Badminton racket. I fell in love with the fine returns from this racket. The hard and flat hit forehand shots to my surprise were landing invariably one foot inside the baseline. The sweet spot is highly regarded. I can see the differential comfort with this Apacs Lethal 85 II Badminton racket in the 26"Inches rackets arena, when I make intact deviating from the center. I never had the feeling of over stiff with the racket.


    Maneuverability and stability ruled the supreme throne when driving with Apacs Lethal 85 II Badminton racket. Chen Jin thought the concoction of maneuverability and stability put forth the racket in top class in driving at nets. On the other hand he noted "I had hard time regarding the feel of this racket. The birdie was not free when released off the string bed, which made drop shots hard." Driving was a collection of Pros and Cons for Lieu Chang. I felt this racket more crunchy whilst driving. I feel like more softness can be added. I would like to see the bed strings to be more softer for a fluffy feel." Nevertheless, Wang Shixian was delighted at the vibes of the racket at net. She said, "The string bed was ample at nets. The stability of this racket seems inferior when compared with the rackets I typically tend to lean as it's not heavy, but is quite suitable against great smashes. Overheads were accomplished highly and I really don't have any serious issues at nets.

    Tennis racket
    Tennis racket


    With a solid, robust and an inferior firm rating, the Apacs Lethal 85 II Badminton racket is a special racket which does not match with others in terms of specifications. Wang Shixian found love in Lethal 85 II Badminton racket from first footing with it. She Explained "I feel great when the birdie lands and goes off the string bed. If I have to judge this racket, I would say this is one of those few rackets with which I love to smack. It rapidly became crystal clear that the Lethal 85 II Badminton racket was an Uncompromising kind of rackets. I found to have put more of the efforts when playing an opponent with Lethal 85 II racket. I observed the opponents were having smooth time in commanding points and smart smashing, which was making me annoyed because of my finding it hard to dominate swinging my racket. It's probably was the racket I was discussing with family and friends after a long time. Chen Jin found the reviews to be captivating and confusing mentally. He said " I was doubtful regarding the assertion of Lethal 85 II Badminton racket that the racket could be like a wood frame in its flexibility and like a pure drive in its stability, I see now Lethal 85 II Badminton racket delivering what was said. In my opinion, Improvisation of the beam of the racket is crucial to the competency of fastening together the two bold qualities of flexibility and stability. Cai Yun straight away felt convenient and found big sweet spot. Lieu Chang said "The Lethal 85 II Badminton racket had a crunchy, individual yet pleasant feeling. The stability of this racket is good from baseline and fell love with this racket in clearing the counters. "The generation of speed with this racket is quiet easy and also the positioning of racket is close to zero efforts.

    Net kill:(8.5/10)

    Our team Unbuttoned the potential in Net kills with the Lethal 85 II Badminton racket. Cai Yun Elaborated "Huge power came comfortably in Net kills. The Net kills were consistent and middling the birdie was convenient and the birdie clearly left the string bed with huge pace unleashing. My practice partner observed the birdie had insane action on it after making the contact with Lethal 85 II Badminton racket. Lieu Chang had similar experiences in the aspects of power. He added " Considerable amount of power was generated with Lethal 85 II Badminton racket. Stability was prevailing and ease was felt while trying to send through the court." "Oodles of bang was heard" Chen Jin observed. It's similar to bursting out at the string bed, which was awesome to hear. I got accustomed to Lethal 85 II as the test play progressed and attempted more aims which were excused prior. Confidence grew up with this racket being in hands and I concluded scoring much of Net kill points. Wang Shixian took time in connecting to Lethal 85 II Badminton racket on her Net kills. She explained "Initially I found it difficult in adjusting to this racket. The Lethal 85 II Badminton racket confronted me in Net kills. Once I donned the adamant psyche I was effective as well as efficient at Net kills.

    Tennis racket
    Tennis racket


    The test team uncovered, the control and maneuverability attained the acme with Lethal 85 II Badminton racket in executing the drop shots. Chen Jin said "You should not have any of the problems in playing back hand over head drop shot or Fore hand over head drop shot. The Lather 85 racket has surpassed all the rackets in the field of comfort. "

    Overall Score: (8.5/10)

    Compatible :

    Wang ShixianThe Lethal 85 II is unambiguously different from the rest of the rackets out there in the market. It's comfortable, being dynamic in nature. The net kills were flamboyant and High yielding with Lethal 85 II racket.

    Chen Jin "This Lethal 85 II handles combination of super stability and flexibility which is inferior. Does not believe me! Go for a self test."

    Cai Yun "The comfort with Lethal 85 II is giant. Returns were highly productive with this racket.

    Lieu Chang "The crunchy feeling of Lethal 85 II is unparallel.

    Incompatible :

    Wang Shixian "I felt like somewhere I lost the control with Lethal 85 II racket. I used to know where the birdie would be going after contacting with my Yonex Dura 33. Now I lost it totally. Its not made for me."

    Chen Jin- "I found difficulty in curbing the speed. I am unable to reduce the speed when I am half committed to shot."

    Cai Yun-"I felt there is deficit in accuracy which is unlike in Victor brave sword or Carlton power blade 9900. For some unknown reason, I found it hard in evaluating."

    Lieu Chang- "At nets I sense the enthusiastic levels diminishing with Lethal 85 II Badminton racket."

    After measuring the racket with others at par, our testers said :

    Lieu Chang : "The Lethal 85 II Badminton racket has the capacity of a Yonex Muscle Power 22 plus and flexibility of Victor Hyper Nano X 20 H. My favorite racket is inferior in potentiality and has a feather feel.""

    Cai Yun :- "The Lethal 85 II Badminton racket certainly falls in the category of Yonex Nanoray Light 8i LCW or Carlton Heritage V 3.0 GI NH. My short placements were far from prognosis but I fell in love with the vibes when the birdie comes into contact with the Lethal 85 Badminton racket".

    Wang Shixian

    Power 90 Net Kill 80
    Control 75 Balance 80
    maneuverability 80 Returns 75
    Stability 80 Smash 80
    comfort 90 Pro-net spin 90
    touch 70 Drop 80
    Overall 85

    Chen jin

    Power 85 Net Kill 80
    Control 75 Balance 70
    maneuverability 90 Returns 80
    Stability 80 Smash 70
    comfort 80 Pro-net spin 85
    touch 80 Drop 90
    Overall 80

    Cai Yun

    Power 80 Net Kill 90
    Control 75 Balance 90
    maneuverability 70 Returns 80
    Stability 90 Smash 80
    comfort 90 Pro-net spin 80
    touch 70 Drop 70
    Overall 87

    Lieu Chang

    Power 70 Net Kill 90
    Control 75 Balance 70
    maneuverability 90 Returns 80
    Stability 90 Smash 80
    comfort 80 Pro-net spin 85
    touch 80 Drop 90
    Overall 78

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