Yonex Astrox 100 ZX Badminton Racket

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Introducing the Yonex Astrox 100ZX badminton racket. With an extra stiff shaft and a head heavy balance, it packs the power and maneuverability desired by intermediate and advanced players alike. A great complimentary racket to the Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ badminton racket.


  • Length: 10mm longer 
  • Item Code: AX100ZX
  • Balance: Head Heavy
  • Frame: HM Graphite / Nanomesh NEO / Tungsten 
  • Shaft: HM Graphite / Namd 
  • Stringing Advice: 4U 20-28lbs
  • Color: Dark Navy
  • Made in: Taiwan


  • Rotational Generator System - by applying the counterbalance theory, weight is distributed throughout the grip end, frame top and the joint for maximum control. The transition to the next shot can be performed smoothly in rapid succession
  • namd - Utilizing high quality namd graphite throughout the frame produces more flex with a faster snapback, unleashing dramatic steep power
  • Energy Boost Cap/Plus - uniquely shaped cap which maximizes shaft performance. The front allows the shaft to flex, while the sides arch-shaped curve stabilizes the racket face by preventing the shaft from twisting
  • Isometric - increases the size of your sweet spot
  • New Grommet Pattern - Single-pass grommet holes for reduced string stress, maximizing performance
  • Solid Feel Core - reduces vibrations traveling down the shaft for improved comfort
  • AEROBOX Frame - a combination of faster swing speeds and a solid feel
  • Extra Slim Shafts - designed to slice through the air, generating speedy power
  • Bult In T-Joint - increases strength between the frame and the shaft eliminating head twist for more control
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