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Yonex ArcSaber 001 Badminton Racquet


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The Yonex ArcSaber 001 Badminton Racket is a flexible, evenly balanced racket with a high-modulus graphite and Nanoair Spring frame which weights only 89g. The Nanoair Spring provides a more efficient energy transfer from the string bed to the shuttle allowing for a more powerful shot. The nanoscale air bubbles in the material help the racket to flex and bend as in a spring. The Yonex ArcSaber range is designed to store and release the energy during the shot, allowing for a powerful and accurate attack.


  • Head shape: Isometric
  • Flex: Flexible
  • Balance: Evenly balanced
  • Frame: High Modulus Graphite, Nanoair Spring
  • Shaft: Graphite
  • Weight: 85-89g Available grips: G4
  • String: Pre-Strung (custom stringing not available)


Ask a Question
  • Does ArcSaber 001 come with Pre-Strung with Yonex string by default?

    Hi Naem,

    Yes, the Arc Saber 001 is factory strung with Yonex string at 22 lbs.

    BW Customer Service

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