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10 Reasons You Need to Start Playing Badminton

10 Reasons You Need to Start Playing Badminton


There are many reasons why one should pick up the sport of badminton for themselves. From health benefits to overall personal wellbeing, badminton is a sport that can be enjoyed by all, no matter their age, health, or frame of mind.

1. Inclusivity

Badminton has always been an inclusive sport. While it started as a children's game or a game to be played with one's feet, it quickly evolved into a game that anyone can play.

2. Minimal Equipment

To play badminton, all you need is two racquets, a shuttle, and someone to play with. Seriously, that’s all you need!

3. A Great Way to Exercise

Playing badminton has been proven to improve your health overall with consistent play. Since it's an easy sport, it's not hard to pick up once or twice a week.

4. Socialization

Since there is a consistent need to have another player for badminton, the sport can be used as a way to make new friends. Playing at gyms can lead to long-time badminton partners, as well as new friends.

5. A Game to Play with Friends

As stated in the reason above, there is always a need to have someone to play with when playing badminton. Because of this, asking a friend to play can mean you both have fun. Alternatively, if there are multiple people that wish to play, you can set up your own mini-tournament and challenge each other to see who the best player is out of the group.

6. Mental Health

Since badminton is a minimally physical sport, players are able to have fun and still produce endorphins that can help to combat depression and other mental illnesses that may leave you feeling unproductive.

7. Increased Life Expectancy

As with any physical activity, badminton can work towards increasing your life expectancy by increasing your physical health and keeping you in good health so long as you play frequently.

8. Improved Reflexes

Since you’re keeping your eye on the shuttle while playing, you’re actively working to improve your response time as well as your hand-eye coordination. The more you play, the better your reflexes will get.

9. Low Injury Rate

While it is still a physical sport, there is no impact aspect to badminton. Because of this, players don’t have to worry about causing any sort of injury to themselves or to another player. While it can still happen, there is a much lower risk of causing it.

10. Both an Indoor and an Outdoor Sport

Since all you need is a racquet, a shuttle, and a friend, badminton can be played wherever you decide to play. Be it inside or out, badminton is an easily adaptable sport. So long as you’re not playing while there are high winds, you should be able to play wherever you decide is best for you.

With that, there are 10 reasons to show you why you need to pick a friend, pick up a racquet and a shuttle, and get to playing badminton. There are so many health benefits to playing such a versatile sport that starting to play is easy, all you have to do is start.

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