The Prokennex Kinetic technology uses micro-bearings and Newtonian physics to take the ball energy (shock, torque and vibration) and absorb it into the Kinetic chambers.

After impact, a shock wave is released into the paddle from the ball and is immediately absorbed into the kinetic chambers in the paddle virtually eliminating vibration to the arm.

This energy transfer shields the player from harmful impact forces making for enhanced touch, feel, and kitchen play.

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  • Prokennex Kinetic Pro Pickleball Paddle - Badminton Warehouse
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    Prokennex Kinetic Pro Pickleball Paddle

    OVER TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING, PROKENNEX UNVEILS THE KINETIC PRO SPEED….THE NEW GOLD STANDARD Engineered for maneuverability with wind resistant edgeless construction and thin core technology, the paddle is lightning in your hand....
    $ 200.00
    $ 149.00
  • Prokennex Ovation Pickleball Paddle in pink from Badminton Warehouse

    Prokennex Kinetic Ovation Speed Pickleball Paddle

    With the new Ovation Speed pickleball paddle, Pro Kennex engineers have applied the physics of shape design to elevate paddle performance with an expanded sweet spot and a more efficient...
    $ 180.00
    $ 150.00
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