Light Badminton Rackets from Apacs Collections

Apacs Badminton rackets are popular among badminton players across all levels. One of the unique elements of APACS badminton rackets is their ability to be strung at very high tension. APACS badminton rackets are lightweight, durable and extremely powerful. The Ziggler Pro LHI badminton racket, used by Lee Hyun Il, is quite similar to the popular Yonex Voltric ZForce 2 badminton racket.  It can be strung at 38lbs. "APACS™ Sports has been manufacturing high-quality badminton products since 1978. and has been proud and fortunate to support players of all levels from the highest respected professional to the stars of the future. During the last thirty years plus APACS has developed badminton equipment and clothing to the highest specification and continue to offer excellent quality at an affordable cost. One of the recent technological breakthroughs we have been involved in is the use of thinner coating techniques to reduce weight and drag on our APACS badminton rackets without compromising the racket strength. This enables the player to maneuver the racket with less effort hence increasing the speed through the shuttle with greater accuracy.

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