Introducing Victor Auraspeed; the next generation of Victor badminton rackets. Considered to be the successor to the Jetspeed badminton racketts,  the Auraspeed series is redefining what badminton rackets can be, and how fast they should be. Victor Auraspeed badminton rackets are aimed at players that want speed and maneuverability. Auraspeed badminton rackets offer radically innovative technology that increases the power of every shot and some significant improvements over the Jetspeed and Brave Sword ranges; Dynamic-Sword and Compound-Sword, two new aerodynamic frames and two new racket technologies; Rebound-Transition Construction and Sonic-Rebound Technology.
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  • Victor Auraspeed 90S Badminton Racket - Badminton Warehouse

    Victor Auraspeed 90S Badminton Racket

    Victor Auraspeed 90S Badminton Racket, the top racket of the Auraspeed series. Thanks to the new WES and R.T.C. technology, this racket gets an even higher rebound effect for a...
    $ 230.00
    $ 195.00
  • Victor Auraspeed 80X Badminton Racket - Badminton Warehouse

    Victor Auraspeed 80X Badminton Racket

    Part of the Auraspeed series badminton rackets from Victor, the Auraspeed 80X badminton racket boasts a stiff shaft for increased accuracy throughout the court and also during net play. Its...
    $ 250.00
    $ 195.00
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