The game of badminton has evolved over the years as has badminton racket technology. Speed and power are essential to the success of a badminton player at any level. There was a long-standing belief that light badminton rackets compromise on the power that you can impart to your smash. Badminton racket manufacturers including Yonex, Victor, Karakal, and Apacs have successfully innovated over the years using various combinations of carbon, graphite, nano-carbon, magnesium, graphene, among others to deliver super light badminton rackets. These frames have super fast maneuverability to aid speed, yet do not compromise on power or control. In fact, some of the latest models from Karakal and Apacs can be strung at upwards of 30 lbs. of string tension. Super light badminton racquets have been hugely popular among club players looking to improve their speed and power. Karakal and Apacs badminton rackets are very popular among Senior Olympians and high school badminton team players alike. Additionally, these rackets have helped badminton players with shoulder and elbow problems.

Experts at Badminton Warehouse have tested super light frames over the years. In an effort to help badminton players improve their games, we have a wide selection of light badminton rackets with different balance points - even, heady-heavy, head-light; frame stiffness, and maximum allowable string tension. Check our collection of some of the lightest badminton rackets in the world and take your game to the next level.

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