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Carlton Badminton Rackets on Sale!

Carlton is one of the oldest badminton brands in the world. Through the years Carlton has been at the cutting-edge of badminton racket technology. They have manufactured racquets used by some of the top professional international badminton players. Dunlop Sports purchased the Carlton few years ago and decided to retire the Carlton badminton. They were forced to reintroduce Carlton due to huge demand from badminton players from all over the world.

Top quality, powerful British badminton racquets designed for more demanding players. Carlton's investment in research and development efforts have led to the development of some of the most aerodynamic badminton rackets in the world with low drag coefficient designs. We offer a variety of these as well as other Carlton badminton rackets for all categories of players.

Come check out Badminton Warehouse for all the latest Carlton badminton rackets including the popular Kinesis series, and the Vapour Trail series among other models.

We are authorized distributors of Carlton Badminton rackets.



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