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3 Tips and Tricks to Win More Points in Badminton

3 Tips and Tricks to Win More Points in Badminton

At this point, many of us already know the basics and may have mastered many of them. In this post, we will be sharing our favorite 3 tips and tricks to help you win more points in badminton. As a higher level player, the basics just won’t cut it anymore — read until the end of this post to learn more!


Deception involves tricking your opponent. This might mean that you hit a double-action shot that causes them to go to a different corner than you hit, or that you hit a shot that just leaves them stunned without even moving to the shot.

Deceptive shots are hard to master and can’t be overused (or they will be predicted), but when used at the right time in a rally, can help you win a rally right then and there! Watch the video above for a few examples of trick shots that you might be able to add to your game at the right time and win more quick and easy points!

Remember, do not overuse deception! In general, deceptive shots are a bit slower since they require some sort of fake or double action. If your opponent gets used to your deceptive shots, they can take advantage of it and put you in a bad position in a rally instead.

Repeat Corners

Repeat corners is another technique that we like to use to win easy points in badminton. Most of the time, players tend to want to move their opponents across the court because it will make them more tired and it’s generally harder to retrieve.

However, more advanced players may start to predict that you want to move them around the court and start anticipating these shots by slightly edging towards the other side. At these moments, you might want to try using “repeat corners”, or hitting to the same corner twice! You could start to trip your opponents up and they may not be able to predict the shots that you want to hit anymore.

Repeat corners are particularly useful against attacking players who always love to follow up their smashes with a push shot. If you can hit their smash back to the back of the court, you can disrupt their entire rhythm!

Smash Variety

Our final tip to help you win more points is smash variety. When hitting a smash, you do not only need to hit full power smashes, there is much more you can do with your smashes! You can hit full smashes, half smashes, stick smashes, long smashes, higher, smashes, smashes to their bodies, and even more — the list goes on and on.

If you are always playing your smashes at one speed, no matter how strong your smash is, your opponent can adapt and adjust to the speed of your smashes and return them. However, if you always change up the speed, height, or placement of your smashes, this will always leave your opponent guessing and it will be much harder for them to return your smashes!

Win More Points With These Tips

We hope you enjoyed reading about our 3 favorite tips and tricks to win more points on the court. We would love to hear from you after you give any of these a try next time you are playing badminton on the court. Make sure you check out the other articles on our website if you are looking to improve your badminton game, or browse our store’s wide selection if you’d like to upgrade any of your gear!


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