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4 Tips to Improve in Pickleball

4 Tips to Improve in Pickleball

If you're like us, you must also be falling in love with the sport of Pickleball! As with most things, we always want to find ways to improve and win more games. In this post, we will explore a few tips that will help you improve in pickleball faster.

Tip 1: Play More Pickleball

As with most things, you must put in time if you expect to get better at all. Because pickleball is such a skill intensive sport, you will need to put in the time to play to master your shots, your footwork, and your game strategies. The more time you are able to put on the court, the more chances you have to evolve your game and improve.

Tip 2: Stay Ready on the Court

Make sure you always stay ready on the court. This is good habit to build early on as even when you are a beginner and you may not have mastered your shots, you can still stay low and ready with your footwork. When you are ready, you have more chances to reach the shots your opponents play. You will also develop the right habits to work hard on the court.

Tip 3: Practice the Basics

Fundamentals are important! When starting out, it's fun to jump into a match against your friends and just play. However, if you are serious about wanting to improve, we highly suggest that you work on your fundamentals such as the basic shots and footwork. When you develop good habits and fundamentals early, it's much easier to build on top of these and improve even quicker!

Tip 4: Work Hard Off the Court

Just like all other sports, pickleball requires physical strength and endurance to play better. Spend some time doing off court exercises such as running, agility, or strength training. If you are serious about improving, the time you spend off the court will translate to your ability to improve quicker on the court as well!

Work Together to Improve!

Take time to find a good group of friends that you can play together with and improve together with. We're happy that you are just as excited about playing pickleball as we are. If you need any pickleball essential gear, make sure you shop around our store and check it out!


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