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9 Best Badminton Exercise to Improve Your Performance

9 Best Badminton Exercise to Improve Your Performance

Badminton is a sport for all kinds of people. Before starting with a sport like badminton, one should know basic exercises to improve the game’s performance. In this article, you will learn about some easy exercises that you can perform at home to improve your game.


1. Agility Training

The agility exercise is a must as it helps change the player’s power and direction in a blink. It helps to build reaction time to the shot of your opponent. Shuttle run, ladder drills, and reactive initiation training are some of the best badminton exercises that players can do to improve their game.


2. Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility exercises such as forward lunges, side lungs, cross-overs, standing quad stretch, seat straddle lotus, seat stretch, and knees to the chest are some of the best exercises to improve your performance. These exercises help the player to build his stretching muscles.


3. Core Training

Core exercises enhance the player's stability and build his hips, back, and pelvis muscles. It helps to balance and improve the over agility. High plank, superman pulls, V-ups, V-sits, plank knee cross, and leg raise is the set of the best badminton exercise to improve your performance.


4. Circuit Training

Circuit training builds up the player's stamina and is the best badminton exercise to train the players. It can be done for injury rehabilitation, improving cardiovascular fitness, and increasing strength. Squat jumps, push-ups, calf raises, bench dips, abdominal crunches, jump rope are included in circuit training. It is one of the best training to increase strength and stamina.


5. Aerobic Training

Aerobic exercise is related to cardiovascular conditioning. This exercise includes activities like cycling, swimming, running, or walking. It increases the player's heart rate for an extended period, and the player can play hard for an extended period without getting tired.


6. Playing Against the Wall

This is one of the best badminton exercises and tricks to improve your game performance without the need for an opponent. This exercise is used by professional players and coaches. All you need is your racket, shuttle, and a blank wall without anything on it.


7. Fast Feet

This is one of the exercises which do not seem to e popular a lot, but it is the best badminton exercise to improve the operating speed of your fast-twitch muscle fibers. This exercise also strengthens your nervous system.


8. Grip Changes

It is a fundamental skill and helps to reduce the time taken to move between the grips and makes the player ready and fast for his next shot. It can be done anywhere you don’t need to go to the gym or any exercise club to do this exercise.


9. Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is a fun exercise that can be done at home, and it is very effective in strengthening your calves and forearms. And these are the muscles that play directly into badminton. Forearms allow the player to shoot with more power, making the deceptive shots easy for the player.


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