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How to avoid injury playing badminton

Badminton is a fun game and a great alternative to running which can be monotonous. One feels relaxed in the mind and body after a great game of badminton. However, it is a strenuous sport that requires high levels of fitness, stamina, and flexibility. Lack of preparation can lead to injuries that can put you out for an extended period of time. By preparation, I mean simple things you can do to prevent injury so you can enjoy this marvelous game for a long time.

1. Stretching

Stretching is important for any sport and especially so for badminton given the lunging and quick steps required to retrieve the shuttle. You might be inclined to start playing as soon as you get to the court. 15-20 minutes of proper warm-up and stretching will not only help prevent injury but also enhance your game.  Check out our video for stretching. 


2. Proper badminton shoes:

We recommend that you get a pair of badminton shoes. While sneakers are light, they don't have the sole to help you maintain traction on the court. Badminton shoes are specially made to absorb shocks and impacts. They are designed to be lightweight, cushioned, and have good traction. Proper shoes are needed for two basic reasons: they maximize your performance and minimize chances of injury. Check out Badminton Warehouse's extensive selection of badminton shoes.

2. Proper Technique & Footwork

Proper footwork ensures that you are able to move on the court in an efficient manner and avoid tripping or falling over retrieving shots on the back of the court. We recommend that you spend a few minutes each time Check out our video on footwork demonstrated by B. R. Sankeerth, international badminton player from Canada.

Similarly, playing with proper technique will go a long way in ensuring that one stay's injury-free while playing badminton. Whether it is executing clears or a smash, you must make sure to use your non-playing to ensure proper balance and timing. Without that, you risk injuring your shoulder or elbow. The non-racket arm plays a very important role in helping you maintain body balance in badminton. It's important at all times that you use your non-racket arm to balance the weight of your racket arm.

3. Using the most suitable badminton racket

Selecting the proper badminton racket is essential to ensuring a good playing experience. For example, beginners will be well served by choosing a light badminton racket with a headlight balance initially while they improve their technique. Head-heavy rackets do generate more power but are typically harder to swing through the air increasing the chances of injury due to improper swing technique. As your game improves, you can certainly look into the more advanced head-heavy rackets that offer power and control. Check out Badminton Warehouse's easy to use badminton racket selection guide to help you find the most suitable badminton racket for your game. 

4. Correct String Tension & String

As important as a proper badminton racket is, stringing it at the correct tension is just as or probably more important. It is a common misconception that higher tension equals more power. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Higher string tensions are for control while Lower string tensions are ideal for power. Most professional players seek control in their shots and hence string their badminton rackets at a much higher tension. For most average players, however, lower string-tension is recommended. A string tension of 21-25 lbs should serve most average to intermediate players well. Remember, it is easy to re-string rackets so you can always re-string your badminton racket at a higher tension as you become more proficient. Choosing the correct string is also an important factor. Softer and medium feel strings are recommended for beginners & intermediate players as these strings provide more playability and durability. Hard feel strings, on the other hand, provide more control and accuracy but lack durability. 


Increased physical fitness, mental well-being, enhanced mobility, better coordination, and increased stamina are just a few of the benefits of playing badminton. You can continue playing badminton for a long time and minimize the chances of injury by doing a few simple things. 

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