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Badminton and tennis: What’s the difference?

Badminton and tennis: What’s the difference?

Many people think that all racket sports are more or less the same. But goodness, they are so unbelievably wrong! There are such a variety of racket sports all with such different values and techniques. Today, focusing on badminton and tennis will be an interesting approach. Can you think of any differences from the top of your head? Let me take a guess - the ball vs shuttlecock option. This is the biggest difference in the book!

However, what if I said the two sports hold a lot of similarities, would you agree?

First of all, both games use rackets, no matter how different they may appear and perform. The strings of a tennis racquet are significantly thicker and stronger than those of a badminton racket, so what's the point of noticing these differences when they are so similar?

As it turns out, both games use nets between players in order to challenge them. It is clear that badminton scores over tennis in this aspect since the net is tied at a height of 5 feet, which is much taller than tennis nets.

You seem to be getting interested now. Tennis and badminton both feature men's singles, doubles, women's singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. The women's events in badminton are less sexy due to the regulations in outfits, but the regulations in the future may become as relaxed as the skirts of tennis players. This point is completely irrelevant to the sport itself, as players of any gender and skill are out there to play a game that they love. Who could want more than that?

In terms of the more serious issues at hand, both these games are played in the Olympics and Asian Games, and the badminton players compete for the honor of their countries just as much as their tennis counterparts. Ultimately, both sports are taken very seriously, no matter which sport is of higher preference. 

Players serve underhand in both games. Don't get me wrong. Even though tennis players always serve overhand, they can also serve underhand if they wish. Due to their opponents' vicious attacks, they do not want to do it. In a French Open match, Michael Chang served underhand to Ivan Lendl on his match point despite being fatigued and suffering cramps. And he was the winner!

When comparing tennis and badminton, one cannot overlook the fact that the major events for both of these games take place in England, the Wimbledon and All-England respectively. Englishmen deserve credit for keeping it that way! Bravo! 

Many countries tend to favor certain sports over others but England has a very neutral ground in regards to the sport which is entirely admirable. There is opportunity for everyone, especially in the field of both tennis and badminton.

Despite their different success and failure ratios, badminton and tennis are played and followed all over the world. Tennis is played in the western world, and badminton is played in the eastern world. But either way, both are well-loved and supported sports!


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