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Service Rules for Badminton

Badminton Service Rules - All You Need to Know

There are a lot of badminton service rules, and you can ace this game if you know the proper rules. But it will be very confusing if you’re just getting started. In this article, you will learn in detail about the badminton service rules.


Badminton Service Rules

Here are some basic badminton service rules.

  1. The shuttlecock must be below the player’s waist while serving.
  2. In badminton service rules, the waist is the lowest rib in the ribcage.
  3. The player must hit the cork of the shuttle first, and the racket head must be pointing down when serving.

These are some basic badminton service rules, but you will need to read the complete article if you want to ace the rules and the game.


The Basic Badminton Serving Rules

In badminton, the player must stand in the service court and serve underarm to the service box. The server must wait for the service from the opponent to be struck before moving to attempt the return to the serve. The players only get one serve in singles and doubles and can score whether they’re serving or not.


Common Faults

In badminton service rules, there are 18 points under section 9, which outline the rules for serving. These points define the rules for correct service, and the server loses a point in case of breaking any of these rules.


The Service Court

The service court is the area marked out to determine where the player should serve from and where to. The service court varies from singles to doubles, but the game rules always remain the same for both. There are four service courts in badminton, two on each side of the net in singles. The server and receiver must stand in their boxes while serving and receiving.

The service court consist of the following elements:

  1. The centre line
  2. The short service line
  3. The long service line
  4. The sideline
  5. The back boundary line

This format is used in both singles and doubles.


Serving Rules for Singles

There are no unique and challenging rules for serving singles apart from what is inside the court and what is out. The single service box is described as long and narrow because when a player serves the backbox of the service, the court is in, but the wide box is out. The service box starts with the centre line and the short service line. The service court stops at the first sideline and scratches back to the back boundary line.


Serving Rules for Doubles

In doubles, the players only get one serve per side and the serve switches over to the next pair as soon as one side loses a point. The double service court is described as the short and wide service court. When a player serves, the backbox of the service court is out, but the wide ox is in. the service rules remain the same, and the player has to follow the same rules not to be faulted. There is no difference between doubles and serving in doubles. The service court starts with the short service line and the centre line in doubles. The service court stops at the outermost sideline and stretches back to the first long service line.


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