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Best Badminton Drills to Get Better

Best Badminton Drills to Get Better

Badminton is a sport that requires stamina, agility, and patience. Whether you are new to badminton or have been playing the sport for a while now, you need to perform badminton drills. They allow you to practice your skills and help you improve your skills so that you can play better. The fact is that playing games on your own without any drills is not enough. You require badminton training to become a better player. The following are some of the best badminton drills that will enable you to get better.

1. Drive Step in Backhand/Forehand

One of the best badminton drills to get better is driving step in backhand/forehand. It is essential that you practice your drives, especially if you want to play doubles. The shot is played flat and fast. It helps apply pressure to opponents without requiring much commitment to help put them out of balance. You can perform this drill either with a single shuttle or multi-feed.

Begin by standing in the mid-court area and proceed with the usual split step before each shot. Then, practice stepping forward to hit the shuttle. You have to recover by steeping back and performing the split-step again. It is a great way to get your feet on a rhythm.

2. Net Shot and Recover Backhand/Forehand

Considered a basic technique, the net shot offers great opportunities if mastered. The drill requires you to focus on your movement at the front and the actual net shot. You will need to use anywhere from 12 to 16 shuttles for one set and start with a split step in the center. It should land halfway between the net and the front service line. You must keep returning the shuttle back to the middle to get your opponent to lose balance.

3. High Lift with Recovery Backhand/Forehand

The next badminton drill that you need to follow is a high lift with recovery backhand/forehand. It is quite similar to the net shot drill. You need to practice the backhand and forehand lift as it is a crucial defensive option when you are low and the opponent wants to kill a net shot. Follow similar instructions as the net shot drill to get it right. However, you must move back closer to the middle rather than playing a net shot. Your grip has to be relaxed if you want it to work. Make sure to place enough power to lift the shuttle just right.

4. Forehand Clear with Recovery

To get the shuttle to travel backward, you need to master the forehand clear with a recovery drill. It is a basic drill that involves fundamental footwork. Once you must basic forehand, you can master just about every other overhead forehand shot easily. Through front mastering, you get to play a drop shot as well as a smash. The drill starts with a split step in the center and requires you to push the player off from the center to take in the prize.


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