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Badminton Warehouse's review of the Yonex Duora ZStrike Badminton Racket

Badminton Warehouse's review of the Yonex Duora ZStrike Badminton Racket


First impressions

The Yonex Duora ZStrike badminton racket is the flagship model from Yonex in the Duora series.   The Duora series  allows for huge forehands and quick backhands using its revolutionary technology.   An even balanced frame coupled with an extra slim shaft makes the Yonex Duora ZStrike an ideal frame for players looking for a maneuverable badminton racket.  We tested the 3U4 version which seemed to add power to smashes and clears.  The extra stiff frame provides adequate control. The Duora Z-Strike feels like an extension of your arm and feels comfortable to maneuver from all areas of the badminton court.  It is the racket of choice of Victor Axelsen, World Champion 2018.


Smash - 9.2

BW experts found that Duora ZStrike badminton racket generates no less power than a heavy head racket.  That is what makes the racket intriguing.  An even balanced frame with a slim shaft providing ample power on smashes.   Overall our BW experts gave 9.2/10


Drop- 8.5

The Duora ZStrike provided sufficient control and feel for the drop shots on the forehand and the backhand.  The drops were precise and clean.  The compact head was not much of a hindrance for our experts who tested the racket.  The BW experts said it took less time in mastering the drop shots with the Yonex Duora Z strike.


Clear- 9.0

It is easy to hit clears with Yonex Duora Z strike badminton racket. Having enough weight on the head has resulted in distinguishing the Yonex Duora Z strike badminton racket from the rest in the category of evenly balanced or light headed rackets.


Drive- 7.5

Our BW experts felt the Yonex Duora Z-Strike badminton racket lacks in swift countering of the attacks of the opponents.  Though the racket has an extra slim shaft and is maneuverable the drives were not as crisp.  The response from the forehand side is slightly different from the backhand side.  It certainly would take some time getting used to the frame before achieving a high degree of sharpness and thrust on your drives. 


Defensive Lift- 8.2

The Yonex Duora ZStrike is good at defensive lifts. Strong hands are recommended for defensive lifts with Duora Z strike racket. The Duora ZStrike racket is not the fastest in executing the defensive lifts but has managed quite well. Our BW experts gave 8.2/10.

Net Kill- 8.0

The majority of the BW experts experienced delivery of great touch because of the solid frame for net kills.  On the whole, the BW expert team gave 8.0/10 for the Yonex Duora ZStrike badminton



The BW experts had a great time testing the Yonex Duora Z strike for a good six weeks. The racket is good for advanced players who like power, control, and placements. Even the intermediate player will find the Duora Z-Strike an intriguing option. As per BW experts, the torque of Duora Z strike is absolutely rock solid. The racket is as good as the Voltric LD Force.  The Duora Z strike has a tighter feel in comparison to Lin Dan Force racket, which is considered as a standard size head. The concept of Duora system is a unique concept from Yonex.  Overall the Duora system helps with providing ample power on the forehand and more precision on the backhand. In our opinion, it might be the perfect singles badminton racket, even better than the ZForce 2.

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