When playing badminton, people usually spend the most time picking a badminton racket, trying to decide if they want 3U or 4U, G4 or G5, headlight or head heavy, and stiff or flexible. However, there’s one aspect of choosing a badminton racket that most people gloss over far too often: strings. The majority of recreational players completely disregard what strings to put on their racket, and instead go with the cheapest option. While the price might be an important factor in choosing strings, a good quality string can truly transform the playing experience. Badminton Warehouse presents 4 important things to consider when buying strings for your racket.


It’s common sense to want strings that will last long. That’s why durability is one of the most important features when choosing strings. If you break your strings often, you most likely will need a thicker string to combat that. Choosing a thicker string will increase durability, allowing your strings to last much longer. Additionally, thicker strings are a great match for players who like an all-around feel or are beginner/intermediate players. The thicker strings will allow for greater control which can help beginners immensely in being able to play successfully. Some great options for durable strings are linked right below! 



    Most people think that extremely tight strings will elevate your power and game in general. However, this is not always true. Choosing a string tension really depends on your level of play as well as the racket you use. For ideal play, make sure to check the recommended string tension for your specific racket. For beginners, BW recommends a lower tension to increase the sweet spot, maximizing the potential for your play.


    Thinner strings allow you to easily play soft, controlled shots such as drops. However, thin strings are more prone to breaking. To prevent this from happening, strings such as the Yonex Aerobite or Aerobite Boost strings provide a combination of thinner cross strings (0.61mm) and thicker main strings (0.67mm) in order to give the player a combination of improved control, higher durability, and better hitting sound.


      For a nice balance of power, durability, and control, strings which feature good repulsion may be for you. BW recommends that you choose strings less than 0.7mm for this type of feel. The Nanogy 98 string provides great repulsion as well as durability and power making it an extremely well-rounded racket. Additionally, BG 80 Power strings are 0.68mm but give amazing repulsion power while still maintaining a high standard of durability. 

      For a complete listing of all badminton strings available, check out our Badminton String section.


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