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Enjoy What You Do To Keep Improving

Enjoy What You Do To Keep Improving

Do you feel like you’ve reached a plateau in your skill level or your improvement trajectory? Have you felt frustrated that you aren’t enjoying the sport as much as you did when you were a beginner? If so, this post may be for you! In this post, we will explore why enjoying what you do is crucial to keep improving, regardless if you are a badminton player, a pickleball player, or any other sport player!

Happiness is the Key To Success

In today’s world, many of us are focused only on the outcomes. Why are my shots not improving? How come I can’t beat this player even though I train so much more and so much harder than they do?

When we relentlessly focus only on the outcomes, it becomes harder and harder to find success in your training regimens or any other part of the sport. Instead, try and focus on the positives in each match or each training session. Try and find some joy in the shots that you did well or the matches where you performed to the best of your ability, even if it resulted in a loss. When you stay happy and you stay positive, you will be able to learn more from your mistakes and in the long run, you will improve even more.

Remember Why You Started

Do you remember what it felt like when you just started playing the sport of your choice? You always had a sense of joy and everything was picked up so quickly. When we started these sports, we always had fun playing and couldn’t wait for the next session. However, when we decided we wanted to put more time into the sport to improve, things only got more frustrating.

Try to think back to what it felt like when you just started playing these sports! The reason we kept on playing was all the joy and excitement we felt on the court. Take note of how that used to feel and find ways to recreate those feelings. The more excited you feel to play or to practice, the easier it will be to learn and eventually improve. Don’t always focus on the results or the outcomes you are facing now!

Set Smaller Goals

Smaller goals will help you enjoy the present without worrying too much about what you cannot control. Of course, we all have those far-reaching goals that we want to achieve, but without setting smaller milestones along the way, it will be near impossible to reach those goals!

Instead, we can try to set goals for each training session or each match. Try and master a simple shot and see that when you are actually able to play that shot in a match, feel some sort of accomplishment with it. When you set these small goals and go through with them, you will enjoy what you are doing a lot more and even believe that you are doing the right thing!

Be Happy!

An endless grind is never good for anyone. Find ways to get back to your roots and enjoy the sport you once loved so much. Happiness and enjoyment will only help you play better on the court and improve more and more! Treat yourself to something nice once in a while too — you can find a huge selection of gear right here on Badminton Warehouse :)


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