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Essential Badminton Gears and Equipment

Essential Badminton Gears and Equipment

In this article, you will learn about the badminton equipment and gear required for a badminton game.


Badminton Racket

Badminton rackets are made up of different types of materials. Badminton rackets can have different weights depending upon the material they’re made up of. It takes time to decide which type suits your gameplay and style with many combinations. Making an online purchase for badminton gear is definitely not a good decision. Instead of making an online purchase, one should purchase the racket physically by checking the quality and comforts of badminton. The player should get assistance and get a racket he feels comfortable with. Before making a purchase, the player should swing the racket to check its overall weight and grip.



There are two types of shuttlecocks in badminton equipment, plastic, and feather. Plastic shuttlecocks are more durable and long-lasting than the commonly used feather type. The beginners should use plastic shuttles because the feather shuttles are expensive and become tattered if the wrong technique is used. Plastic shuttles are suitable for beginners to train themselves for this sport. Plastic shuttlecocks are likely to travel short distances because of their heaviness, but they are ideal for building strength. On the other hand, feather shuttlecocks are commonly used in adult competitive tournaments.


Badminton Shoes

Badminton shoes are essential in badminton equipment and badminton gear. Badminton shoes give the player better traction and grip to stop in time to return and receive the shot. Badminton shoes should be light-weighted and have an excellent cushioning grip to absorb the impact of jumping and landing. The player must not wear regular jogging shoes as they usually lack grip and traction.


Badminton Attire

A comfortable pair of shorts and a cotton t-shirt are enough for casual and non-competitive players. But in adult competitive matches, the players must equip themselves with hand grips, wristbands, and ankle guards. Each of these items has a purpose and adds colors to the entire outfit. A player should select appropriate badminton equipment and badminton gear instead of looking for aesthetics.


Badminton Apparels and Accessories

Many beginners may wonder what attire and accessories to carry to the badminton court. Some players go with minimum essentials of badminton, whereas others may have customized equipment for playing badminton that they carry.

Some essential accessories that are included in badminton gear and badminton equipment are listed below.

Grip: To have an uninterrupted and safe game, it's recommended to carry a pair of extra grips. It will help you replace the grips as soon as the current set wears out. A preferable option is to carry a towel grip, which has better absorbency and gives a non-slip sweat-free grip while playing.

Grip powder: sweating may sometimes loosen up your grip on the racket and make it difficult to play. For this reason, another important badminton gear to carry to the badminton court is grip powder. It helps provide a non-slip grip on the rackets.

Wrist/headbands: The wristbands or headbands are one of the essential badminton gears to carry to the court. It helps you wipe your sweat instantly without any hassle.


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