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Badminton Shoes

Can you guess the most piece of equipment needed to play a good game of badminton? If you said badminton racket, you are not alone. Most people think of a racket, racket string or even a high-quality shuttlecock. No doubt a good badminton racket can enhance one's game. The same goes for a shuttlecock. Goose feather shuttlecocks, in particular, make for superior play. However, the most important item of any badminton player's gear is a good pair of badminton shoes. Yes, you heard it right - badminton shoes. 


Footwear is a significant part of many athletic endeavors including basketball, soccer, tennis, and badminton – these all require shoes which go beyond the standard running shoes. What you put on your feet is essential not only for more efficient gameplay but also for proper safety. 

Badminton shoes are designed to be lightweight, cushioned, and have good traction. Proper shoes are needed for two basic reasons: they maximize your performance while minimizing chances of injury. So how do you choose the right shoes?  It can be confusing when looking at all the options, but there are things you need to consider that can help you find the right badminton shoes.


The purpose of the soles is to provide good traction and grip on the court. Most badminton courts are wood or PU courts nowadays. Ideally, badminton shoes for this environment would have gum rubber soles. These soles are specially designed for indoor courts with non-marking rubber and they ensure that you have good traction on the surface. They do have the tendency to accumulate dirt and are not suitable for outdoor environments or cement courts.


Breathable shoes with lots of aeration are recommended. Double Russel mesh is the most popular choice for badminton shoes, as they are a very breathable fabric and is 8 times as efficient in air exchange than traditional shoes. Proper ventilation can prevent sweat from building up and also help deter blisters on your feet.


The cushion helps absorb impacts during game-play and helps prevent injury and optimizes performance.  Labels such as “powercushion” are useful characteristics to look for. Powercushion act as a shock absorber and protect your feet from the impact of every move you make during a fast-paced badminton game.

Ergoshape refers to the shape or the contour of the shoes. It can provide good stability for the toes and the forefoot area, allowing for improved mobility and better support for the feet as well. It helps with rapid changes in direction and can give you more power. Shoes like this are designed with badminton in mind, so it’s always good to look for this when shopping.

Looking for lightweight shoes is also helpful. With lighter shoes, a quick lateral movement is much easier. Shoes are usually in the range of 250 - 350 grams so target somewhere in that area.

The sole, cushion and ventilation are all good starting points to make sure you find the proper shoes for you. In the end, you should consider a lightweight, breathable shoe which offers good support and grip. The shoes should fit snugly but not too tightly.

From the super light Aerus series to the stylish SHB series, Badminton Warehouse has several options for you to choose from. Check out our collection of badminton shoes

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