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Looking the Part to Take the Shot

Looking the Part to Take the Shot

One question that anyone may have when participating in an activity is, what should I wear? Figuring out the proper attire needed to ensure that you will have access to the required range of motion and offer flexibility. You will be running, swinging, and chasing down the shuttlecock, so dressing the part can make a difference.

So, we will break down what the proper outfit looks like for badminton and provide you with some of our favorite recommendations from Badminton Warehouse. We will cover everything from shirts to shoes for you. The clothing you wear can be just as important as the gear that you use. 

Suggested Shirts

A proper outfit needs an athletic shirt that is ideal for physical activity for it to be complete. They allow players to remain as calm as they can while playing and absorb sweat. The sleeves are form-fitting without restricting your shoulders and your ability to swing the racket.

Some of our favorites are:

  • Errea Everton Shirt SS AD Black – for $45, you can get a short-sleeved shirt ideal for any sport. Made entirely out of polyester, you do not need to worry about shrinking or not fitting well. Ideal for training, competitions, or practicing because of its micro-perforations. These allow your sweat to be absorbed into your shirt and evaporate. Helping you to avoid any feeling of discomfort while keeping your skin dry and cool. The color is versatile as well and can go with any other color you chose.
  • Yonex Women’s 20369 Polo Shirt – this best-seller can be yours for $25. Made out of 100% polyester, it will not shrink in the dryer and will continue to fit you properly. You can find it in a navy blue or red color. The design and fit make it ideal for practicing or playing a game as it will also keep you comfortable and ready to swing.


Best Bottoms

The following items to shop for are shorts or a skirt depending on the person. Athletic shorts should be breathable and easy to move around in. The skirt should be short enough that it does not get in the way as you run but has shorts underneath for convenience.

Some of our favorite bottoms are:

  • Yonex 26049 Women’s Badminton Skirt – for $35, you can get an excellent skort for badminton. It is 92% polyester and 8% polyurethane which is ideal for comfort and convenience. This skort dries quickly to allow you to feel your best, most confident, and coolest while playing without having to worry about sweating. The built-in shorts will enable them to fit securely. This skort even has antistatic technology to help prevent any static electricity from occurring while you are active.
  • Li-Ning Men’s Badminton Shorts – available in black or blue, these $60 shorts are great for any physical activity, especially badminton. The polyester and elastane blend allows them to be flexible yet form-fitting while being active. The moisture technology helps to absorb your sweat and helping to keep you cooler as you play. These shorts also feature side vents that allow air to easily breeze through them, also working to keep you cooler. 


Sturdy Socks

Next, we have to cover socks. While they may not seem like the essential part of your outfit, they do still matter. Your socks should be the correct length and type for your shoes, as no one wants their sock to fall as they chase down a shuttlecock.

Here are some of our favorites from the Badminton Warehouse:

  • Yonex 19141 EX 3-Pack Sports Crew Socks – at $30, this 3-pack of socks land at a good height for just about anyone. They are tall enough to where they should not be able to slide down your ankle easily but not too tall to the point where they will keep bunching up either. Known as being very comfortable, non-slippery, and providing extra cushion and support for your heel, they are a great choice. One can never have too much support and cushion when you are on your feet for extended periods. They are made of cotton, acrylic, polyester, and polyurethane.
  • Victor Sock Indoor Performance Pack of 2 – at $30, these lower socks are perfect for anyone who prefers shorter socks. They are durable for everyday wear and running while being able to handle shock absorption. This allows you to have more comfort and less potential pain in your ankle. Your feet will remain cool and dry throughout your practice or game with their material and ventilation abilities.


Supportive Shoes

Shoes are essential because athletic ones offer more support and traction for you while you are active. It's easier to play badminton in the proper shoes since high-tops or cleats do not cut it.

Two pairs of shoes that we recommend to you are:

  • Adidas BT Feather Badminton Shoes (Black & Yellow) – priced at $200, these shoes are stable and reliable for badminton. They have a rounded heel with plenty of cushioning, allowing your feet to move quickly and with purpose. Ventilation grips allow your feet to have good breathability. One of the most important features about them is their non-marking rubber, allowing them to be worn indoors without scratching any surfaces. At the same time, they are providing your feet with stability and comfort throughout your game or practice.
  • Yonex Power Cushion PC SHB 65 Z Wide Badminton Shoe (Navy & White) – for $145, you can get a unisex shoe, perfect for men or women. It has a rubber sole to help protect indoor surfaces from scratches and marks while preventing you from slipping. This shoe also features landing stability and is a better fit to help you move quicker and sharper around the court. A major selling point for some people is that they have wide fit options available for those who have wider feet and can struggle to find shoes that fit them properly.


These are some of our top apparel recommendations for anyone interested in playing badminton. We have got you covered, from your shirt to your shoes. Our featured recommendations can help you remain cool and comfortable while practicing or playing competitively. The next time you step onto a badminton court, you could be ready and able to run, swing, and hit when needed.

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