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A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Yonex Graps to grip your badminton racket

Introduction: A good grip on your badminton racket can drastically improve your game, offering better control, comfort, and confidence in each stroke. Yonex's Super Grap, Clean Grap, and Strong Grap are popular choices among players for their quality and performance. Wrapping your racket grip with these can seem daunting at first, but with the right technique, it’s a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide to wrapping your racket grip like a pro


Step-by-Step Guide to Wrapping Your Racket Grip:

1. Unravel the Grip:

Start by carefully unraveling your chosen Yonex grip. Be gentle to avoid any creases or tears.

2. Remove a Few Inches of Film:

Peel off just a few inches of the protective film from the grip. This exposes the adhesive part that will stick to your racket handle.

3. Start on the Flat Part of the Grip:

Locate the flat part of your racket's grip. This is where you'll begin wrapping.

4. Place the Grip Tape at a Downward Angle:

Position the grip tape so that it aligns at a downward angle on the handle. This angle is crucial for a smooth, even wrap.

5. Wrap Around the Base:

Hold the starting end of the grip tape down with one hand, and start wrapping it around the base of the grip with your other hand.

6. Maintain a Light Pull:

As you wrap, keep a consistent, light pull on the grip tape. This tension is key to a snug, wrinkle-free fit.

7. Wrap Along the Ridges:

Ensure that you wrap the grip tape along the ridges of the handle. This helps in maintaining an even wrap without overlaps or gaps.

8. Continue Wrapping, Removing Film as You Go:

Keep wrapping up the handle, peeling off the protective film gradually as you progress.

9. Flip the Racket Over at the End:

Once you reach the end of the handle, flip the racket over. This makes it easier to finish the wrapping process.

10. Secure the Grip Tape:

Pull off the sticker on the end of the grip tape. Use this sticky part to secure the grip tape in place.

11. Done:

Congratulations! Your racket is now re-gripped and ready for action.

Conclusion: Wrapping the grip of your badminton racket is an essential skill that every player should master. With Yonex's high-quality grips like Super Grap, Clean Grap, or Strong Grap, and by following these simple steps, you can ensure a perfect grip every time. Not only does a well-wrapped grip enhance the look of your racket, but it also provides the comfort and grip necessary for those intense matches. So, grab your grip, and let's get wrapping! You can wrap your favorite badminton rackets with our selection of badminton grips.


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