Nanoray badminton rackets have long been a favorite of players seeking fast racket speed - and they have been great rackets. From the Nanoray 900 badminton racket to the Nanoray Glanz badminton racket, they have compensated for a lack of hand-speed with superior technology allowing players to retain control while having increasing racket speed. However, one nagging issue plaguing Nanoray users is that extra power they seek in head heavy rackets. Yonex thus designed the Nanoflare series. The NANOFLARE 700 badminton racket is the first racquet to utilize the Sonic Flare System design, utilizing the latest in graphite technologies, such as TORAYCA® M40X*, to create a stable yet highly repulsive head shape. Additionally, by designing a highly aero-dimensional shape built to compress and “snap back.” they were able to realize an ultra-light racquet In our view, it is a hybrid between the Nanoray and Voltric (flexibility, control and power) in one racket. The Nanoflare 700 badminton racket is a perfect example of that. We got Peter Sidorczuk, a popular player in the Chicago area to test drive the racket and offer his thoughts. You will see that the Nanoflare 700 badminton racket is a great option if you are looking for that additional bit of feel and power without the head-heavy nature of the Voltric series badminton rackets.  

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