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Proper warmup for badminton

I love to play badminton and can play for hours. Like a lot of other people, however, I don't like to warm up before I play. Recently, while playing at Play and Thrive, a new badminton facility in Schaumburg, I noticed a player towards the corner of a court going through a series of stretches. Out of curiosity, I decided to walk up to him to find out more. "Sankeerth", he introduced himself, going through his dynamic stretching routine. He is one Canada's top badminton players and is working with the coaching staff at Play and Thrive to develop a badminton program for kids and adults of all levels. He says warming up before a game has helped him stay injury free and improved performance as he works towards his goal of becoming a top 100 player in the world. He stresses the importance of warm up regardless of your level of play and volunteered to share his warm up routine so others can benefit. Check out the video below.

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