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Rules of Badminton - Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Rules of Badminton - Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Being a beginner, learning and comprehending all the badminton rules could sometimes get overwhelming. To put it in simple words, badminton is a game that can be enjoyed either as singles or doubles. It is a game of easy rules that can be learnt quickly. Through this article, you will learn about Badminton Rules and float effortlessly through the intricacies of the badminton rules and regulations.


In recent years badminton rules have been changed several times. In 2006, badminton rules were changed to a rally point system, and now players of both sides can score a point during a rally regardless of who served. In professional competitive adult matches, a player must reach 21 points to win the game, but if the game is tied at 20-20, the player must score two clear points to win the game. And If the is tied at 29-29, the player must score 30 points to win the game.


  1. A badminton match can be played in singles (two opposing players) and doubles (four opposing players).
  2. A competitive adult match must be played indoors using the correct court dimensions.
  3. A point will be scored when the shuttle lands inside the opponent’s court.
  4. A point will be lost if a returned shuttle hits the net or lands outside the court.
  5. The server and the receiver stand diagonally opposite in the service court.
  6. A player must hit the shuttle diagonally over the net and across the court.
  7. A legal badminton serve must be hit underarm and below the server’s waist height.
  8. Once a point is won, the players must move to the opposite serving stations for the next point.
  9. The players can return the shuttle from inside and outside of the court during a point.
  10. The players are not allowed to touch the net with the racket or any part of their body.
  11. The players are now allowed to distract their opponents deliberately.
  12. The players are not allowed to hit the shuttle twice in one turn.
  13. The player must wait until his opponent is ready before serving, and if the opponent tries a return, he is ruled been ready.
  14. The feet of both players must remain inside the court before serving. Players feet should not touch the lines before the service is made.
  15. It is not considered the player’s fault if he misses the shuttle while serving.
  16. The shuttle should not be caught or slung by the player’s racket.
  17. A player cannot hold his racket near the net to hit a downward stroke.
  18. The game includes two rest periods—a 90-seconds rest after the first game and a 5-minutes rest after the second game.


Interval and Change of End

  1. Each game has a 1-minute interval.
  2. Player change ends in the third game When the leading score reaches 11 points.


Singles and Doubles

  1. The server serves from the right service court at the beginning of the game and when the server’s score is even.
  2. The server serves from the left service court if the server’s score is odd.
  3. If the server wins a rally, the server gets the point and serves again from the alternate service court.
  4. If the receiver wins a rally, the receiver gets the point and becomes the new server and can serve from the appropriate service court according to their score (left if the score is odd and right if the score is even)
  5. The badminton rules for doubles are the same as the for the singles.


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