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US: (844) 722 7838 INTL: (847) 894 3210
Victor Auraspeed 90K badminton racket, seriously good!

Victor Auraspeed 90K badminton racket, seriously good!

The Victor Auraspeed 90K badminton racket, Victor’s new release, is the embodiment of speed and power. Used by World number 3, Anders Antonsen, Victor has the latest technologies in order to provide the player with a unique and powerful experience while playing. With a completely redesigned frame and shaft features, BW is eager to put the Auraspeed 90K to the test.

First Impressions

The Auraspeed 90K badminton racket has black and white decals with a stiff shaft and head heavy balance. Available in 3U/G4 and 4U/G5, the Auraspeed 90K is extremely versatile and can fit any player’s preference. It can hold up to 30lbs, proving that it’s fit for players with a wide variety of playing styles.

Smash - 9.5

The Auraspeed 90K badminton racket features new Dynamic-Sword Frame technology which emphasizes a player’s swing. The frame of the racket is slightly adjusted as the player swings, creating a smoother, faster, and steeper shot with less effort. This feature really came through during the test. Smashing was easier than ever. With just enough power, the Sword Frame Technology transformed that into a killer smash. Additionally, the stiff shaft enhances the performance of the smash while the headlight balance allows for a quicker stroke through the air producing more speed.

Drop - 9

Drops are effortless when using the Auraspeed 90k. With the new Shaft Technology, a combination of WES and ANTI-TORSION SYSTEM, provided by Victor, the player is able to easily control both drops at the net and at the back of the court. The headlight balance of the racket allows for a swift movement making drops easier to maneuver and control. The stability that this new Shaft Technology brings makes control and accuracy all around the court trouble-free.

Clear - 9

Once again, Victor’s technology in the Auraspeed 90K shines. The shaft technology allows for an excellent handling experience with control and power, producing effective and accurate clears. Clears are effortless with the shaft and frame technologies incorporated by Victor.

Drive/Defensive Lift - 9.5

Defensive lifts and drives, commonly utilized during doubles, are easy to produce and are effective with this racket. The stiff shaft allows for a quick snapback to be ready for the next shot while the headlight balance increases racket speed in order to help the player in speed and agility when defending.

Net Kills - 10

  The combination of the weight, stiffness, and balance of the racket proves to be the best for net kills. The head lightness allows for a quick, swift swing, which is vital while producing net kills. However, the stiffness of the racket gives the player the power he or she needs to make an effective net kill that will finish a rally.


Overall, this racket is extremely well rounded and versatile. With the two main features, shaft and frame technology, the player is able to produce any shot with ease and perfection. The Auraspeed 90K provides a unique experience and has benefits in all aspects. Priced at $195, this racket is fit for an advanced and committed player who is able to use this racket to the fullest. An experienced player will be able to take advantage of all of the specs of this racket in order to boost their game.

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