When lightness meets great control, you get the Victor Lightfighter 7000 badminton racket. In blue and black, the Victor Lightfighter 7000 badminton racket is great for allowing players with great speed and quickness to dominate by using great control and touch. This racket is great for singles and doubles, and it best fits intermediate/advanced badminton players. Priced at $105, the Lightfighter 7000 badminton racket would be perfectly utilized for players that intend to play badminton competitively and often. The racket’s even balance provides fast racket head speed for defense, while also maintaining great touch for drop shots. Here are some of the highlights for the Victor Lightfighter 7000:

Lightfighter 7000 Racket Highlights:

  • Material: 100% high-modulus graphite
  • Color: Blue and Black
  • Weight: 5U (76g)
  • Balance: Even
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Grip Size: G2 (Small Grip)

Power: 6.5

Due to the lightness and the rather even balance of the Victor Lightfighter 7000 badminton racket, power is not of the utmost importance in this racket. This racket is more driven towards great control and touch, which is vital when hitting drop shots. However, this racket still has decent power, as the even balance and stiff flexibility allow you to hit somewhat powerful smashes and clears to pressure your opponent into a defensive position, or even an error. This racket’s power and control are some of the main reasons that it is particularly directed towards intermediate/advanced players, but the Lightfighter 7000 will allow a developing player to also practice with some power, but not too much. Although this racket is not power-oriented, its power can still be used in advantageous ways. 

Maneuverability: 9.5

Despite the racket’s even balance and stiff flexibility, the Lightfighter 7000’s maneuverability is still pretty good. This racket’s even balance rather than a headlight balance does not take away from the fast racket speed that is available with the Lightfighter. The lesser weight also allows amazing control and touch, which is one of the main factors in a racket’s maneuverability. This level of maneuverability will lead to increased strength in your front and midcourt abilities. If you are looking for a racket with extraordinary touch and control, the Victor Lightfighter 7000 is one of the best options.

Control: 9.5

The reason that the Victor Lightfighter 7000 is such an effective racket is that it combines a control and maneuverability. This racket specializes in control and touch, allowing you to greatly improve your frontcourt game with drop shots and short angles. Despite the stiff flexibility of the frame, your touch is not limited in any way. This racket is also great for predominantly front and midcourt players. The Lightfighter 7000’s lighter weight is another factor that increases your control with its even balance and ability to play soft touch shots. 

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