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Head Light Badminton Rackets at Badminton Warehouse

Why Head Light Badminton Rackets?

Why Head Light Badminton Rackets for Beginners

For beginners, it may be hard to decide on a starter racket before getting on the court and playing badminton. Some people believe that head heavy rackets are the way to go, as you are able to generate power much easier. However, we stand firm on the side that head light rackets are the best rackets for new badminton players.

In this article, we will make it easy for you by showing you how a head light racket is more beneficial for new players. We will also have a few suggestion rackets that you can pick up, right here on BadmintonWarehouse!

Benefits of a Head Light Racket

1. Head Light Rackets are... Lighter!

For many new players, badminton may be their first exposure to a racket sport. Despite how light a badminton racket is compared to a tennis racket, the strain that this will put on your forearms and shoulders is huge.

After your first playing session, you may find that your dominant arm stays sore for a few days. If you use a head light racket, you may ease this load on your arms by playing with a lighter racket. It will be easier for you to swing the racket and maneuver it around, something you may not be used to doing with a head-heavy racket.

2. Easier to Hold for Kids

Many new players in badminton start at a young age. Similar to the last point, these head-light rackets are much easier to hold and swing around when you are younger and have less developed muscles. By making it easier for kids to play badminton, they may find more enjoyment in the sport and start to develop a passion for improving in badminton. Compared to a head-heavy racket, the head-light racket is a much easier way for new kids to start playing badminton!

3. A Faster Racket Speed

In a sport that requires such precise technique and wrist movement, a head-light racket would be a much more welcome introduction. Just the act of turning the racket from forehand to backhand, overhead to underhand, or side to side may be extremely hard for a new player — adding in the weight of a head-heavy racket could make the sport seem even harder! Leveraging the lightness of a head-light racket would make it easier to keep rallies going and just have much more fun playing the sport.

Head Light Racket Recommendations

Whether you decide to pick up a head-light or a head-heavy racket, BadmintonWarehouse has all the selection that you need. Here are our 3 favorite (and affordable) head-light rackets for a beginner badminton player.

Qiangli B89 (Pair)

Coming in at $70.00, the Qiangli B89s are extremely light rackets that come in a pair. Perfect for beginners looking to convince their best friend to join them in a game of badminton. This racket comes pre-strung with a racket cover so you can bring it with you anywhere, safely! 

Learn more about the racket here.

Yonex Nanoray 11F

At $70.00, the Yonex Nanoray 11F is a fan-favorite for all newcomers to badminton. Yonex is a world-leader in badminton gear and their beginner rackets play a big factor in that. With two different color options to choose from, this head light racket is a must-get for all beginner players looking to play their best game in badminton.

Learn more about the Yonex Nanoray 11F here.

Li-Ning Windstorm 78 SL III

Another superlight badminton racket developed by Li-Ning, the Windstorm is only $90.00 and perfect for any beginner or intermediate level player. Li-Ning is another world class badminton brand that has high quality gear no matter what you get. The Windstorm also comes pre-strung so you do not need to worry about finding a stringer for your new racket.

Learn more about the Li-Ning Windstorm 78 SL III here.

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