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MMOA Badminton Rackets

MMOA (MOYAH) products are made with top quality standards in terms of material and workmanship. Originated from Japan, MMOA has rapidly expanded their international market across Asia country and become one of the few top big badminton gear manufacturers in the market.

Badminton Warehouse introduced MMOA badminton rackets in the North American market in 2010. Ever since this brand has been warmly embraced by the badminton community. MMOA's USP is the robust frame quality at a very affordable price. The MMOA Superlight 608 was an instant hit with high school athletes while the MMOA MBR 80 and the MMOA Pro Champion have been well received by club players competing in local tournaments or just playing badminton as a fitness sport.

Come checkout the entire lineup of these exciting and stylish badminton rackets.



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