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US: (844) 722 7838 INTL: (847) 894 3210
US: (844) 722 7838 INTL: (847) 894 3210

Why Badminton Warehouse?


Our mission is to promote badminton and provide badminton players – professional and amateurs a comprehensive collection of authentic badminton equipment at competitive prices. 

Who We Are:

Headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, we have been serving the badminton community in North America and globally since the year 2000.  We are one of the largest online badminton equipment vendors in the world.  Our team includes badminton coaches and experts; many of whom are active players who compete in national and local badminton tournaments.

Our Catalog

Badminton Warehouse is an authorized vendor of all the brands in our catalog.  We have the widest collection of badminton racquets, shuttlecocks, net, bags, badminton shoes, apparel, and accessories across some of the top badminton brands.  We carry established brands including Yonex, Victor, Pro Kennex, Carlton, Li Ning, Wilson, Aeroplane as well as specialty brands including Apacs, Karakal, Youhe, Tronex, Golden Vulture among others. 

While Apacs manufactures some of the lightest badminton racquets in the world that can be strung at high string tension, Youhe is a shuttlecock OEM for several top badminton brands in the world.


Our Customers

Think Badminton.  Think Badminton Warehouse.  Our customers include badminton professionals, weekend warriors, fitness freaks, recreational players, schools, universities, and badminton clubs.   If you are looking for the latest innovative badminton racket, or the lightest badminton shoe, an affordable shuttlecock for your badminton club, or quite simply a badminton set to setup in your backyard, Badminton Warehouse has it.  We have a wide array of very affordable and high quality badminton racquets designed specifically for PE programs at schools.


Our Promise

As part of our 'Community Outreach Program', we have donated used badminton equipment for badminton camps.  In our commitment to promoting badminton, Badminton Warehouse has been an active partner and sponsor of several badminton players and tournaments around the US.  If you are hosting a badminton tournament and looking for a partner please reach out to us at (844) – RACQUET or send us an email at Visit our store at 700 Remington Road, Unit C, Schaumburg, IL 60173