The 2016 Rio Olympics Women's finals for badminton featured two uniquely talented players in world badminton today, Carolina Marin of Spain and P V Sindhu of India. They have distinct playing styles and use different rackets to power their game. Both rely on different means to dominate their opponents, with Marin using her lightning quick court coverage and quickness and Sindhu, her height and her incredible smashing ability. Marin plays with the Yonex Nanoray ZSpeed and Sindhu, Yonex ZForce 2. The Nanoray ZSpeed is headlight and allows for incredibly fast racket swing and precision. The ZForce 2 on the other hand is extremely head heavy and has a super stiff shaft, making it ideal for powerful smashes and drives. 

Regardless of your playing style or budget, Badminton Warehouse has the badminton racket for you. Checkout the Nanoray ZSpeed and the ZForce 2 along with a wide array of other Yonex badminton rackets.

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