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Astrox 88S Pro Badminton Racket (3rd generation) on sale at Badminton Warehouse

Comparing Yonex Astrox 88S Pro 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation Badminton Rackets


Choosing the right badminton racket is crucial for front-court players who prioritize precision and control. Yonex’s Astrox 88S Pro series has seen significant updates from its 2nd Generation (Emerald Green) to the latest 3rd Generation. This blog explores the physical differences, technological advancements, and playability of these two generations to help you make an informed decision.

Physical Differences

Frame Size and Shape

  • 2nd Generation (Emerald Green):

    • Frame Shape: Aero+Box Frame, combining a solid hitting feel with quick swings.
    • Dimensions: Standard head size.
  • 3rd Generation:

    • Frame Shape: Refined Aero+Box Frame for improved aerodynamics and faster swing speeds.
    • Dimensions: Slightly larger frame (23.8cm height, 18.7cm width).



  • 2nd Generation:

    • Thickness: Standard thickness, balancing flexibility and stability.
  • 3rd Generation:

    • Thickness: Thicker shaft (6.95mm for 3U, 6.9mm for 4U) for better control and precision.

Material Composition

  • 2nd Generation:

    • Material: Namd graphite for enhanced flex and snapback.
  • 3rd Generation:

    • Material: Enhanced Namd graphite for greater flex and snapback.
    • New Additions: Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM), Power Assist Bumper, Flex Force Material, and CFR (Carbon Fibre Rubber) for increased power transfer and shuttle hold time.

Weight and Balance

  • 2nd Generation:

    • Weight: Available in 4U (80-84g) and 3U (85-89g).
    • Balance: Head-heavy, suitable for powerful smashes.
  • 3rd Generation:

    • Weight: Similar categories but with improved weight distribution for better handling and maneuverability.

Grip Size

  • 2nd Generation:

    • Grip Sizes: Available in G5
  • 3rd Generation:

    • Grip Sizes: Available in G5, with refined grip design for improved comfort and control.

Technological Differences

2nd Generation Technologies

  • Rotational Generator System: Distributes weight for smoother transitions and increased control.
  • Namd: Enhances flex and snapback for powerful smashes.
  • Energy Boost Cap: Improves shaft flexibility for more energy transfer.
  • Energy Boost Cap
  • Aero+Box Frame: Combines solid hitting feel with quick swing.

3rd Generation Technologies

  • Improved Rotational Generator System: Better weight distribution and smoother transitions.
  • Enhanced Namd: Provides greater flex and snapback for more power and speed.
  • Energy Boost Cap Plus: Upgraded for better shaft flexibility and energy transfer.
  • Refined Aero+Box Frame: More aerodynamic design for improved speed and control.
  • Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM): Reduces vibrations, enhancing touch and control.
  • Power Assist Bumper: Redesigned for better aerodynamics.
  • Power Assist Bumper
  • Flex Force Material and CFR: Added for increased power transfer and shuttle hold time.


2nd Generation

  • Control: Excellent for precision and quick reactions.
  • Power: Namd technology and Rotational Generator System provide good power.
  • Speed: Lightweight design and Aero+Box Frame for a fast and responsive feel.

3rd Generation

  • Control: Enhanced by Vibration Dampening Mesh and improved materials.
  • Power: Enhanced Namd and improved weight distribution deliver more powerful shots.
  • Speed: Redesigned Aero+Box Frame and lighter materials for increased agility.


  • Astrox 88S Pro 2nd Generation (Emerald Green): Balanced for control, precision, and quick response, with advanced technologies making it powerful and fast.
  • Astrox 88S Pro 3rd Generation: Builds on the strengths of the 2nd Generation with improved features and technology, offering enhanced control, power, and speed.

Both generations are excellent for front-court players, but the 3rd Generation offers more advanced features, making it the preferred choice for high-level play.

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