Selecting a badminton racket ideally suited for your game is often a head-scratcher.  Given the multitude of brands, price points, and technical specifications, picking an ideal racket can be confusing.  Add to the fact that most the brick and mortar stores carry very basic models, a vast majority of people buy their badminton rackets online.  There are no test drives.  The Badminton Racket Selection Guide deigned and developed by the experts at Badminton Warehouse, an online badminton equipment retailer, has helped customers find an ideal racket for them by answering a few basic questions.

Some of the top selling rackets have been in the $60 - $100 range.  The Victor ATT Performer 600, the Victor Ripple Tec, Apacs Feather Weight 300, Yonex Voltric 2 are  great value great for money buys in the intermediate range.  The Qiangli B87, Qiangli 5501, Yonex Nanoray 10 have been top choices for beginners.

Check out these badminton racquets at Badminton Warehouse and order your racket today!


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