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Astrox 100 Badminton Racket review from Badminton Warehouse

Yonex Astrox 100ZX Badminton Racket, a worthy alternative to the Astrox 100 ZZ

The Astrox 100 ZX badminton racket, released alongside the Astrox 100 ZZ badminton racket, features new technology and specs that offer new intensity flexibility to your game. The Astrox 100 ZX badminton racket is designed to have all the features necessary for the many changes in pace during the game. Featuring new technologies such as its extra slim shaft, this racket is bound to be a hit. In this article, the experts at BW take the Astrox 100 ZX for a test drive.

First Impressions

At first glance, this racket is a dark navy color with white, blue and teal detailing all around and has a sleek matte finish. Often compared to the Astrox 100 ZZ, the ZX is similar. However, it is constructed with more standard materials. For example, the ZX has a hollow-core shaft whereas the ZZ has a solid core shaft. The Astrox 100 ZX utilizes namd technology, which uses a specific high quality graphite enhancing the racket’s snapback and emphasizing power. Another notable difference between the two is the place of manufacturing. The Astrox 100 ZX is manufactured in Taiwan, and the Astrox 100 ZZ is manufactured in Japan. The Astrox 100 ZX racket comes in two options: 4U/G5 or 3U/G4. This allows the player to pick an option for optimal performance.

Smash - 9

Yonex has incorporated a Rotational Generator System in the AStrox 100 ZX. Applying the counterbalance theory, the weight is distributed throughout the racket in 3 different places: grip end, frame top, and joint. This increases control, in turn making shots more accurate and effective. Like the Astrox 100 ZZ, the ZX features NAMD technology, producing a quick snapback and an extra punch when smashing. Also, the solid feel core reduces vibrations, promoting a more comfortable experience.

Drop - 9.5

With the Astrox 100 ZX, drops are effortless. The extra slim shaft enables the racket to move swiftly in the air. This racket is also equipped with the energy boost cap, giving the player comfort and control when dropping.

Clear - 9

Once again, the NAMD technology shines. It provides an extra punch when clearing, making them more effective and useful in a game. Additionally, the built-in T joint eliminates head twist, giving more control and accuracy when clearing. Clears are made easier and more effective through the technology in the Astrox 100 ZX

Drive/Defensive Lift - 8

Similar to the Astrox100ZZ, this racket doesn’t match the maneuverability of the Nanoflare 800 or the Nanoray Z-Speed. However, its performance is still above average. The aerobox frame provides faster swing speeds calling for powerful drives that will push your opponent to the back of the court. 

Key Differences Between the Astrox 100 ZX and ZZ

The Astrox 100 ZZ is made in Japan while the Astrox 100 ZX is made in Taiwan. Moving on to differences in the shaft, the ZZ has a hyper slim shaft compared to the Astrox ZX which has an extra slim shaft. This difference affects the speed of the racket, especially when smashing. A slimmer shaft allows the player to whip their racket through the air quicker, producing a quicker snapback, making the player ready for the next shot. These two rackets share many similar specs but the differences create a unique experience for the player.


In conclusion, this racket is comparable to many other high-end Yonex rackets including the other Astrox rackets. This racket provides excellence in each category and can be fit for many different players. The Astrox 100 ZX has many new technologies that enhance the playing experience. This racket is fit for a higher level player, who likes to use power as well as control to dominate the game. Compared to the 100 ZZ, the 100 ZX provides players with a unique experience because of the hollow core and the extra slim shaft. For players who want a similar feel to the Astrox 100 ZZ but with a nicer price tag, the Astrox 100 ZX is the racket for you.


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