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Yonex Power Cushion 65 X2 (Wide) badminton shoe is an attractive looking comfortable shoe.  Designed for players with wide feet, the shoe is very supportive and stable around the ankle and heel.  Yonex's signature Power Cushion midsole technology offers an exceptionally plush feel with unmatched shock absorption and energy return into every step.  The newly incorporated Power Cushion + technology adds landing stability.  The durable, non-marking rubber outsole is built to last and perform making this a nice option for the recreational club player looking for long-lasting comfort!

Yonex Power Cushion 65 X2 badminton shoe sole

Comfort: Score - 9

Overall our team found the Yonex PC 65 X2 (Wide) comfortable.  Our experts who tested the shoe loved the plush feel of the from the toe all the way to the heel.  The extra underfoot cushioning is designed in a unique fashion.  It does not make the shoe heavy.  This quality was appreciated by experts who do not like the bulky feel of a heavily cushioned shoe.  The ankle collars are soft but provide excellent comfort.  These shoes definitely do not need much of break-in. 


Support & Stability: Score – 9

The Yonex PC 65 X2 (Wide)  badminton shoe scored high on the support and stability quotient.  Because the shoes are very well cushioned they provide good support and stability when making aggressive moves on the court.  One negative feedback was that the shoe has more support towards the heel and ankle compared to the mid-sole.  Overall the Yonex PC 65 X2 (Wide)  badminton shoes feel secure when it comes to overall support and stability.


Sole Durability: Score - 8

The Yonex PC 65 X2 (Wide) has held up adequately after a couple of weeks of rigorous testing.  We are thrilled to report that the shoe did not show any issues with regards to durability which is usually associated with performance shoes.  The toe guards and sole treads are in excellent condition.  The endurance rubber helps enhance durability. 



Traction: Score - 9

The Yonex PC 65 X2 (Wide)   badminton shoe has an excellent on the traction score. The hexagrip aids agile and stable footwork. While some of our team members liked the extra traction, some were hoping for more give when transitioning into and out of shots.  The support sole which is designed for agility and stability adds excellent value.  Our team members felt that this badminton shoe offers the right amount of grab and give while executing attacking or defensive shots.

Weight: Score – 8.5



The Yonex PC 65 X2 (Wide) badminton shoe, despite not being as light as the Aerus 3 badminton shoe, it has a lightweight feel. The best part about these shoes is that it does not feel bulky despite a lot of cushioning.  Our team concluded that these shoes fall in the lightweight category and they feel nice and light on the feet, making it easy to move without compromising too much on the comfort. 


Overall Performance: Score – 8.7

With a sturdy build and reliable traction, the Yonex PC 65 X2 (Wide) badminton shoe is a performance badminton shoe that will help you perform in high-intensity matches.  This shoe has excellent cushioning aided by Yonex's Power Cushion and Power Cushion + technology and an ideal balance of rip and speed on starts and stops, which inspires confident movement from all areas of the court.


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